Born on February 22, 1989 in Ghana West Africa, Angela Michelle a writer, singer/song writer began singing at a young age. She started in her church choir and then gradually began to take stage at weddings and other occasions. From childhood Angela knew music is a part of who she is and she was born to create and Inspire. Although it seem impossible from where she came from, she knew she had a dream believing that with God all things are possible.  She started with poetry and then to song writing. While in high school, she joined a youth singing group outside of school to perform at small places and continued to sing solos in churches. People began to complement on Angela’s singing and songwriting, she then went on to record her first R&B song (Leaving you) and many more songs after that. Angela enjoys creative writing and singing. One of  Angela's main goals and passion is to create in the Film and TV industry as a writer.  She is hoping to share her gifts with the world and to fulfill her God given destiny. Angela Aikins Is also the Author of poetry book (Love, Dream, And Reality). This beautiful talented Artist has the vision and ability to do big things in the entertainment industry. So keep an eye for Angela Aikins.